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6 live in California
2 live in Florida
5 live in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
85 live in Texas
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in Turkey
172 location unknown


 "We've been through hell and now we're done, we're the Class of '71” 


Welcome to El Paso High School's Class Of '71 web site.






It is easy to be so consumed in the daily lifestyle  of work that we forget to cherish the here and now. This holiday break is the perfect opportunity to unwind and assess the pressing daily situations and the rest of  your life;

The present moment is always here, but always fleeting, so it is important to appreciate what we have while we have it. Pay attention to the sensations of the environments inward and outward. Notice the thoughts and distractions of the mind, and acknowledge them as they pass.

Leave the negative behind and fill yourself with everything positive. Take a few moments  to slow down and assess how you are doing — as a person.

The brain is wired to think and problem-solve during waking hours, and it can be difficult to divert from this state to a more pleasant state, but mindfulness is a skill that we should have developed by now but simply forget to exercise. Appreciate all that your healthy body and brain do for you.

Be kind to yourself and give thanks for your achievements, while pardoning your defeats. Love those around you and remember old friends who are very much a part of your yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Saturday November 29th  

The Saturday after Thanksgiving

  6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Chicago's Street Food Restaurant

2400 N. Mesa St.

 is having a "Fred's Night Out" at their restaurant  for all

El Paso High School Alumni

We  are hoping to have any out-of-town classmates who might be in for the Thanksgiving weekend join us.

Don't miss this opportunity to have a nice cold beer and Pizza in the company of our old friends. Come join the gang and reminisce.

A committee was also formed to select the future outstanding ex. If you would llike to nominate someone please send your nomination to:

Committee would like to have a float in the annual Sun Bowl Parade that is held on Thanksgiving Day 2016. All former outstanding exes would be guests of honor on the float. There are approximately 46 living outstanding exes. If you or your business would like to contribute funds towards this or any centennial project please contact

The committee would like to get all EX-Tigers to join the Alumni Association. Cost is $10 per year. The membership money would go a long way to helping with the cost of future activities. For legal and privacy issues we will NOT provide your contact information. If you are interested please contact the Alumni Associaton or Michael Montes

The committee would like to get enough former Tigers to attend the Austin/EPHS football game on Sept 17,2016 to set a Guiness World Record. I think they said 3300 former Tigers would be needed. SAVE THE DATE, lets make this happen! Our Charles Hill has volunteered to contact Steve Kaplowitz who hosts Sports Talk on KROD 600 to see if the station would be willing to host their radio show from EPHS the week of the game

Request made for class reunions to incorporate the Football game on Saturday. Venues may get locked in early so if Class of 71 is going to have their seperate reuinion, planning needs to begin now. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAKING THE LEADERSHIP ROLE?

There is a plan in the preliminary stages to erect a new "E" on the side of C.D. Jarvis Drive (on Angie Street between the stadium and the gym. The artist rendition of the project looked very nice but the cost is expensive. Charles Hill suggested that EPHS could construct a wrought iron version with the letters EPHS, that could be lit on Friday nights in the stadium. The "E" on the mountain can never be used as the city will not give the schools permission to do so. Austin High and Irvin High still light their letters but they own their alumni groups own the land where their letters are erected. MAYBE WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT RAISING MONEY TO BUY THE LAND?  This idea is to be done in collaboration with the class of 2016.

Charles and Charlie


Our table was installed a couple of months ago, but the plaque was just recently added. Thank you to all who contributed. It is the best seat in the house. A special thanks to Frank Eaton, Kiko and Linda Barraza.